About Me

I started playing guitar when i was around 10 years old, just messing around on an old acoustic really then in my mid teen decided that i want to sing and play guitar in a band!

I had extensive guitar and vocal lessons for around 3 years and eventually formed a 3 piece band called SESSION 57′ with Ron Keely on Bass and backing vocals, Mich Keely (his brother) on drums and me doing lead vocals and rhythm guitar with a few bits of lead guitar – we mainly did 50’s & 60’s rock’nroll covers (because all the chords were easy! lol) which was great for a few years but as my guitar playing and vocal ability improved i really wanted to start playing a more varied and modern set that included more challenging guitar. we amicably split and the other two carried on with SESSION 57′ with a couple of new guys and i formed ….RELOAD

RELOAD has been going now for well over 10 years (probably nearer 15 years!) with many hundreds of gigs under our belt! with me on lead guitar and lead vocals, Bill Pavlin on Bass and Tony Miles on Drums the band has always prided its self with playing a huge range of genres and playing to the absolute highest standard!

This year though is probably going to be the last performing with Reload because i now really want the challenge of performing a great set of songs from my absolute favorite bands on my own!

I think with my highly experienced singing and guitar playing ability i can truely offer a unique experience!